Services We Provide

Kyna Software offers a range of services to meet your needs:

Start-up Projects
Update Projects
Contract Resource

At Kyna we are able to assist clients at any stage of the development life cycle. From requirements analysis through to system test we can help. It may be that a client initially requires a day of consultancy to help kick start a project off. However, during development if the client requires additional development resource, Kyna is still there to help.

For some of our clients software forms a key part to their end product however employing full time development staff is both costly and largely redundant for the majority of the year. By outsourcing the whole software development project to Kyna you get both a quality solution and support for the future. Should any queries arise a simple call and we are on hand for advice or investigation, itís like having your own development team.

Obviously we like to be involved right from the outset in what we call start-up projects. However, we realise that in many cases where a system is already in place, only updates or maintenance is required. With our wealth of experience we learn new environments and system structure quickly.

We can provide contract resource to boost an on going project development, see our skills list. However we prefer to define small update projects and work where possible at our own offices. This gives the client a twofold advantage:

A quantifiable piece of work that can be signed off
A fixed price

We believe it is very important to deliver the same professional service if the project is 3 day update/maintenance or for a 2 year start-up project. So contact us and see how Kyna Software can help your company.